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 Built for Cloud: Virtualization Use Cases and Technologies in Oracle Solaris 11

Oracle Solaris 11 is the first operating system engineered with cloud computing in mind. So what's new in Oracle Solaris 11, and how does that connect to the cloud? If you`re involved in Application Life-cycle Management, Configuration Management, Cloud Deployment, Big Data Design and Application or Infrastructure Scaling - You will learn how to leverage the Solaris 11 technologies in order to build your Cloud infrastructure. 

This seminar will include four sessions:

    • Oracle Solaris 11: Built for Clouds  -  Orgad Kimchi,  Principal Engineer at Oracle
      • What are the latest Solaris 11 technologies for cloud environment including: storage, network and OS Virtualization
    • Oracle Solaris 11: Built for DevOps -  Nadav Lankin, Founder at DevOpsJLM
      • How Oracle Solaris 11 can simplify your DevOps Journey and easily scale-out your business needs
    • Advanced Resource Management and Scalability Features for Cloud Environment using Solaris 11 - Haim Tzadok, CEO at Grigale
      • How to use the new Solaris 11 and Oracle SPARC servers features in order to build elastic and scalable cloud infrastructure
    • Cloud Observation & Performance Analysis using Solaris 11 DTrace - Amit Hurvitz, Principal Engineer at Oracle
      • Learn how to leverage the Solaris 11 DTrace tool in order to analyze and resolve performance problems

Oracle Week 2013 Seminar Details

Orgad Kimchi, Oracle

Orgad Kimchi ,יOracle
Orgad is a Virtualization and Cloud computing expert, with 10 years of professional experience in Hi-Tech companies. Technology consulting, Project/Engagement Management & Pre Sales. Orgad has particular experience in Operating Systems and Virtualization, Cloud Computing and large scale web site infrastructure design.

סמינר מספר: 43516 - Built for Cloud: Virtualization Use Cases and Technologies in Oracle Solaris 11
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